Thursday, August 25, 2011

Welcome Back!!!

Dear Parent/Guardian,

            Welcome to a new school year!  Your child has a lot of information for you about his/her first day so I will make this message brief.  Please be involved in your child’s education this year, firstly by setting aside a suitable time and place for daily homework.  Consider, too, joining our Parent Teacher Organization or School Site Council, attending some of our evening functions, or simply making a habit of talking to your child daily about school.  Your interest in your child’s schooling sends the message that their education is important.  It is.
Please note:
·       Online forums such as MySpace and Facebook have become a prime source of school problems that lead to serious consequences.  When students post comments and pictures related to school they often violate privacy rights, and on these sites many youngsters gravitate towards negative communications and bullying. Because of the interconnected nature of social networking sites, children who are otherwise innocent become associated with bullying and other violations.  This can embroil them in far-reaching investigations that are not only disruptive to schooling but can result in significant punishment.  Please talk to your child about social networking sites and monitor their computer use.

·       Cell phones and digital cameras are not allowed in school.  They are another source of  numerous school problems and can be very disruptive.  Please support our need to maintain the optimal conditions for educating youngsters by ensuring your child does not bring a cell phone to school.

·       Please be aware that most school absences are considered “unexcused” and hurt our ability to educate your child.  Please avoid unnecessary tardiness and dismissals.

·       Now is the time to establish good routines. Set aside an hour or two each evening for homework and reading.  Please check your child’s planner periodically to see that your child uses it well for recording assignments and for communicating between home and school.

·       Finally, please plan to attend our OPEN HOUSE on Thursday 9/8 from 5:30 to 8:30PM.  This is a new event where all teachers will be present to orient parents on expectations for their classes. 

Thank you for your cooperation.


                                                            Liam Skinner, Principal